The short answer is OPENNESS, but what does that means?
  • Every Content Limitless apps, betting apps, multimedia apps, and competitors from any sector or area.
  • Every Country Completely free and global access without region restriction, like political or business limitations.
  • Every Device You don’t need Google Play services, in fact you can download and install any app just from your browser.
  • Every User No google registration required, no email, account, credit card or payments. Just you.

Uptodown is a place to discover and download apps in any platform and from any device. It is a safe environment where any user can find the most complete and comprehensive information available on software.

Our mission is to offer a meeting point for software developers and users that upholds the following principles:

Legality All programs included in software catalog are offered according to their license conditions.

Safety All download links to all programs in have successfully passed antivirus tests by VirusTotal and our Editorial Team

Reliability Our Editorial Team installs and tests all programs included in our software catalog in order to guarantee their reliability before publishing them.

Usability offers a friendly and easy-browsing environment to help users find the piece of software they need as easily as possible.

Transparency Uptodown are born with the mission of organizing the world’s data regarding existing and new apps accesible through standard and open technologies.

More about security and threat control on Uptodown.


Luis Hernández

Chief Executive Officer

35 years old. CEO. The second of the co-founders and acting as Executive Directer, responsible for team management and strategic business planning since 2003. He has the dubious merit of paying the team breakfast each morning.

Pepe Domínguez

Chief Technology Officer

36 years old. CTO. Co-founder, responsible for technology research and product development. He leads the company’s tech team. Paranoid about security, as a good sysadmin. He is able to love and hate Apple at the same time.

Álvaro Toledo

Editor in Chief

Álvaro has the honor of being the veteran of the staff. He has filled several roles in the company, but now he is the manager of Windows, Mac, Ubuntu and Webapp platforms. He has an innate ability to find the most bizarre videos on YouTube, and the rest of the office is grateful for his contributions.

Daniel Rivas

Web Developer

Dani is the jack-of-all-trades of the team. After working as a Windows, Ubuntu and WebApps content editor, he became celiac and part of the technical staff of Uptodown. Nowadays, he takes active part in the development and maintenance of the site at programming level.

Andrés López

Content Editor

"I play videogames and take photos of myself" He works in Uptodown starting in early 2011. Since then, he has tested all kind of software, Android apps, and games to share his thoughts with all of us. Don't hesitate to ask: If the video game exists, he has something to say about it.

Raúl Rosso

Community and Content Manager

Although having a technical background, Raúl is the community manager of Uptodown. He manages social networks and our blog about software and tech news. He loves video games, and he has worked in both sides of the industry: developing games and writing reviews in several digital media.

Laura del Pino

International Coordinator

Passionate about languages, traveling, and new technologies, Laura coordinates the marketing department and the translation team. Thanks to her experience abroad in the USA, Germany and UK, among other places, she has gained a deep knowledge of languages and cultures, both of which are fundamental to her job.

Leo Martín

UI/UX Web Designer

“I design stuff, wear black t-shirts, play board games and drink a lot of coke.” Web and front-end designer, Leo takes care of the appearance of everything you see on Uptodown. His main challenge is to fight with every browser (especially IE).

Carlos Griñan (in)
Carlos Griñan

Android Developer

He is the Android developer in charge of Uptodown’s native Android app, the most powerful tool and the highest traffic platform on Uptodown. It’s still unknown if his healthy diet and his biking passion are just a pose.

Merche Contreras

Content Editor

After some time as a trainee, she has become a key component of the Editors’ team writing on the blog and reviewing apps. Merche loves TV-series, food and games that the rest of the team hates. She says she is not a hipster, but actually she is.

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