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Safety. All download links to all programs in have successfully passed antivirus tests by our Editorial Team.

Reliability. Our Editorial Team installs and tests all programs included in our software catalog in order to guarantee their reliability before publishing them.

Usability. offers a friendly and easy-browsing environment to help users find the piece of software they need as easily as possible.

Transparency. undertakes to satisfy all services offered in its website, with the promise of attending to issues caused by technical problems and resolving them as soon as possible to reactivate the service.

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Luis Hernández

Chief Executive Officer

34 years old. CEO. The second of the co-founders and acting as Executive Directer, responsible for team management and strategic business planning since 2003.

Pepe Domínguez

Chief Technology Officer

35 years old. CTO. Co-founder, responsible for technology research and product development. He leads the company’s tech team.

Álvaro Toledo

Editor in Chief

Álvaro has the honor of being the veteran of the staff. He has filled all roles in the company: trainee, editor, Windows platform manager, and finally, as he now defines himself, the “One-Man Band of Uptodown”. He has an innate ability to find the most bizarre videos on YouTube, and the rest of the office is grateful for his contributions.

Daniel Rivas

Web Developer

Dani is the jack-of-all-trades of the team. He started as Windows editor, and step by step, his interest in innovation and web 2.0 led him to take control of the Ubuntu and WebApps platforms. After that, he became part of the technical staff of Uptodown, taking active part in the development and maintenance of the site at the programming level.

Andrés López

Content Editor

Media Studies graduate and head over heels in love with video games. Fate decreed that he work in Uptodown starting in early 2011. Since then, he has tested all kind of software, iPhone apps, and games to share his thoughts with all of us. Don't hesitate to ask: If the video game exists, he has something to say about it.


Raúl Rosso

Community and Content Manager

Although having a technical background, Raúl is the community manager of Uptodown. He manages social networks and our blog about software and tech news. He loves video games, and he has worked in both sides of the industry: developing games and writing reviews in several digital media.

Laura del Pino

International Coordinator

A lover of languages, traveling, and new technologies, Laura coordinates the translation team and manages Uptodown social network presence in English. Thanks to her experience abroad in the United States, Germany and UK, among other places, she has gained a deep knowledge of languages and cultures, both of which are fundamental to her job in the international department.